Whether you need to build a custom application or a blockchain integration or want to launch an innovative project on Cardano, we’re your guys. We have the skills and knowledge to bring your vision to life, on-time and within budget.

We are proud to have been a part of the Cardano community since the launch of the network in 2017. We started as stake pool operators, created the Cardano Canucks stake pool and we were registered within an hour of the Shelley hard fork! 

 Our experience in the NFT world started with the drop of our own Canuckz-NFT. This was a whimsical take on Canadian culture and stereotypes. We are proud of this first drop not only for its achievements, but also for the mistakes we’ve made, so we are able to advise others not to do the same.

 Canucks Publishing is the result of our extensive experience and the industry’s need for a one-stop shop to get a CNFT project off the ground. Our platform is mature and battle-tested and supports advanced features such as drop countdowns, dynamic bundles with minimum rarities, as well as throttling mechanisms to ensure the Cardano network does not become overloaded with extremely busy drops while ensuring a great user experience for end users. Additionally, our near-term roadmap has many more additional features, such as advanced whitelisting capabilities, more sophisticated throttling mechanisms tied to the current load on-chain, and better usability enhancements.   

We invite you to come to us to fulfill your wildest project idea. The world of possibility is only just beginning.