Become a part of the CNFT market

We will help you get started in the Cardano NFT ecosystem. Whether you’re an artist, a graphic designer, photographer, musician or just passionate about the industry we can help. You don’t need to worry about the technical details of creating your CNFT. We will help you along the way while our team handles getting your NFT’s to market.

Create & sell your own CNFT

Come up with an Idea

Do you have an idea for the next big NFT collection on the Cardano network? We can help you figure out how to get your project off the ground.

Create your collection

How ready is your artwork? Whether you are creating custom graphics, audio clips or video content we can help you get your content ready. Assembling images, developing metadata and assigning rarities are all part of the process.

Prepare for launch

Now is the time to start building a community! Think about your roadmap, create your timeline and figure out the specifics. Set up your web properties and keep open communiation to ensure a successful drop.


Launch your NFT collection on a platform built for scale, and built to proactively prevent load on the network, thus ensuring a smooth end-user experience.


Recent Projects


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Cardano 420

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Neon Blocks

Christmas Crew

Canuckz NFT - Holiday 2021

Charli3 - Cuties

Gero - Stag and Mecha

What Makes NFT’s Popular

NFTs in general are recognized for their ‘Mona Lisa’ effect. While there are many very good copies of the Mona Lisa, there will only ever be one true original. An NFT can be any file, be it a photograph, an image, a music file, or document. But while anybody can copy this file, only one person is the provable owner of the original.  
NFTs allow this immutable record of ownership to be easily tradable, which has created a liquid marketplace for art and collectibles. However, art is just the beginning. There is a host of new applications and business models which are made possible using NFTs.

Benefits of Cardano NFT’s


Since Cardano native assets are handled directly by the ledger and don’t rely on smart contracts, there is less opportunity for hackers to exploit bugs in these contracts and steal funds.

No Gas Fees

The average fee per transaction is 0.16-0.17 ADA which is extremely low compared to other blockchains. Additionally if your transaction fails for any reason, you do not pay the transaction fees, unlike ETH where you pay the gas fees even if your transaction fails.

Unbelievable Community

While not a technical advantage, the Cardano community is unlike any other. There is no maximalist culture like you find in some other blockchains, and people are open to newcomers and willing to work together.