How to safely purchase digital NFTs

It’s essential that you feel confident when purchasing NFTs through our platform 

Let’s discus how we help keep you as a user safe, and some tips & tips before you bid/buy! It’s important to keep in mind when surfing our site to:

  • double-check your URL when spending time on the site
  • never share your wallet’s secret recovery phrase

Our platform is open to all meaning:

Anyone in the world can create and sell an NFT! But it is with greater power comes greater responsibility – so understanding the risks you are potentially taking on is key to staying safe and successful in the space.


Key safety features of our platform

Platform monitoring – Our team has active platform monitoring as well as active removal of any found malicious content and scams  

Reporting tool – Our reporting tool allow you as a user to notify our user safety team for inappropriate content and stolen work

Warnings – We ensure buyers understand the Terms of Service during the checkout process. The buyer will be asked during the payment process that they acknowledge the risks of purchasing

Verified Checkmark – Verified collections are displayed with a blue verification tick. This shows you as a buyer that these are higher profile collections and as such may be susceptible to fakes being created elsewhere on the market and have implemented this symbol to make sure our buyers can be certain with higher profile purchases.


Helpful tips

Do your own research – There’s no harm in sending a direct message to a user through their associated Instagram or twitter to learn more about their collection or them as a creator. We personally find that researching the backstory is part of the fun!

Smart contract info – Check the chain information and reach out to the creator for smart contract and token ID. Chain Info section can be found on every NFT page. You can find the chain info section on every NFT page. 

Mintable Warnings – Some collections are referred to as ‘mintable’ collections due to users being able to freely mint onto shared smart contracts. It’s important to remember that these assets are not checked individually by our team, so you should always proceed with caution.